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Equipo Parroquial

Estamos aquí para servirle lo mejor que podamos. No dude en contactarnos si tiene alguna pregunta. Por favor llame al Centro Parroquial para contactar a cualquiera de los Sacerdotes. - (310) 679 -1139

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Father Everardo
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Father Kamil
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Extended Family

We are blessed to have two wonderful Priest join us for Mass and Parish Activities. Father Gustavo joins us for Mass on Sundays on a monthly basis. Father Angel visits us during the summer from Spain.


Fr. Gustavo
Director of Spiritual Formation
St. John's Seminary (Camarillo, CA)

Rev. Castillo is originally from Jalisco, Mexico. He came to the United States at the age of 15. The fifth of eight children, he was the first one in his family to have an opportunity to go to high school and then college. In 1997 he graduated from St. Meinrad College in Indiana with a B.A. in Spanish Literature.


Feeling called to the priesthood, he attended St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 2001. His first assignment was St. Margaret Mary Parish in Lomita, CA (2001-05). He also served as an associate at Epiphany Church in South El Monte (2005-06) before being appointed administrator and then pastor of St. Frances of Rome Church in Azusa (2006-12).


In 2012 he began further studies in Spiritual Theology at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome where he obtained his STL (2014) and STD (2016) degrees. His doctoral dissertation was published as a book under the title Shepherding the Family of God: The Spirituality of Diocesan Priests in St. John of Avila (The Institute for Priestly Formation, 2019).  


He is currently serving as the Director of Spiritual Formation at his alma mater, St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, CA, where he has served in that capacity since July, 2016. He has published several articles on spirituality in the local archdiocesan papers and has conducted retreats in English and Spanish for parishes, religious sisters and priests.


Having a passion for serving others, he recently founded a non-profit, Amor por Teco Foundation, to help people and charitable causes in his hometown, Tecolotlán, Jalisco (Mexico). He enjoys bringing people together and traveling to continue growing in his faith and learning from other cultures.


Fr. Angel de la Parte Paris
Priest, Claretians Missionary
Provincial Administrator (Madrid, Spain)

After a few years of Philosophy and Theology studies, a year of pastoral preparation and the beginning of a career in psychology prior to Priestly Ordination, I was ordained a priest on April 20, 1980. My first destination was to go as a mentor to our seminary in the city of Segovia, where I spent two years. From Segovia I went to the city of Madrid as deputy director of a residence for university students. The name of this College, directed by my Congregation "Jaime del Amo" has a lot to do with my first trip to the USA and to my dear St. Joseph Community.

The college “Jaime del Amo” was a gift from D. Gregorio del Amo, a Spanish doctor who lived in California and married Doña Susana Delfina Domínguez. The Domínguez family was the owner of a large tract of land in the area that today still maintains the names of “Domínguez” and “Del Amo”. When D. Gregorio married Doña Susana Delfina, those lands of the Domínguez family were extensive but unproductive until hundreds of oil wells were implanted. D. Gregorio del Amo, very grateful to the Claretian Missionaries who welcomed him in his California years, made some donations, among them the college “Jaime del Amo”. Jaime for the adoptive son of D. Gregorio.

I resided and worked at “Del Amo” School. Every year, the person who was the secretary of Fr. Gregorio and a Claretian Missionary priest, Fr. Bosi, personal friend of Fr. Gregorio, arrived at the College. One day I said to Father Bosi: "I would like to travel to the United States, help in a parish and take the opportunity to learn a little English." He soon offered me the possibility of traveling to the Parish of St. Joseph, whose parish priest had told Fr. Bosi of the need for help during the priests' vacation time.

August 1986, I travel to California for the first time. Quite an odyssey. It seemed like an endless journey. I had an excellent reception. That first August of 1986 passed and the invitation for the following summer was open. And I came back. Years went by. Every year I came across a change: change of parish priest, parish vicars, office staff ... But thank God there was always someone who welcomed me and remembered me as Father Ángel from Spain.


Every summer I have the opportunity to load my spiritual batteries with your welcome, your looks, hugs and, especially, prayers. Since 1986, many people died who I still remember and love. I have baptized many children who present me today with their parents accompanied by their own children. Three generations close to me: parents, children and grandchildren. I am personally grateful. My summers in St. Joseph are a time of grace, of prayer, of intense life.

Equipo Parroquial de la Oficina

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