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Thank you for showing interest in the St. Joseph Music cantor hiring. We currently have a cantor, but with so many liturgies, we need to expand our team.


Our Saturday schedule is based off if there are any scheduled Quinceañera or Weddings. 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm are reserved for such Masses. 


For example, on any given Saturday, our Mass schedule can look like this:

11:00am: Quinceañera | 12:30pm: Wedding | 2:00pm: Wedding | 3:30pm: Quinceañera

other Saturdays, it can look like this:

11:00am: Quinceañera | 12:30pm: Nothing | 2:00pm: Nothing | 3:30pm: Quinceañera

The majority of the Music for these ceremonies is in Spanish. We occasionally have ceremonies in English or Bilingual.

Our 5:00pm and 7:00pm Saturday Masses are permanent. Every Saturday, we do those 2 evening Masses. The 5:00pm is in English, and the 7:00pm is in Spanish. 


We are also looking for a cantor that can sing on Sundays at 9am or/and 2:15pm. Both of these Masses are in Spanish and are weekly. 



  • We sing upstairs in the choir loft, away from everyone. For the Saturday evening Masses and the Sunday masses, the cantor does go downstairs to the Ambo (main podium) to sing the Responsorial Psalm. 

  • Mass is only with Pianist and you, the cantor.

  • If you do not have experience singing in the Mass, then it should be fine as long as you are willing to put the time on your end to learn all the music, which at first will be a lot. 

  • Ideal candidate should be Catholic, but if not, then it's ok.

  • We ask that the cantor arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass. 

  • We provide cable and microphone. 

  • Payment for each Mass is $75.


Interested, but not available all these hours? Still reach out! We know it's a lot of Masses and not everyone will be available. 

Please email a recording of you singing to Jorge at 

Also, do not worry if the recording is not top quality. You can send either a video or audio recording, whichever is easier! 

Here is a recording of a Spanish song with our cantor.

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